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The legendary reliability and quality of Canadian-Made Shearwater Computers, in an affordable version ideal for open-circut divers. Now available in a console-mounted version, you can free your wrists and keep your instruments in one spot. Available as a two-console or three-console version.



-Two or Three-console boot depending on option selected. Two-Console includes Submersible Pressure Gauge and Shearwater Peregrine Computer, Three-Console includes Gauge, computer, and compass.

-Full color, high-resolution LCD display

-Rugged construction

-Simplified diving modes and full decompression support (Uses Bühlmann ZHL-16C with gradient factors)

-Quick NDL Planner and full decompression planner built in

-Modes: Air, Nitrox (up to 40%), 3-Gas Nitrox (up to 100% O2), Gauge mode

-Easy-to-navigate two-button interface

-Wireless charging. Battery life per charge is about 30 hours (medium brightness level)

-Bluetooth enabled to upload your dives. Free dive logging software (Shearwater Cloud) and free firmware updates

-User customizable display

-Includes wireless charging pad with USB cable

-Does not include High Pressure hose


Shearwater computers are designed in Canada and made in Canada, for Canadian Divers (some of the toughest around). 

Shearwater Peregrine - Console Mounted

    • Store your computer out of direct sunlight, and somewhere it won't get crushed - ideally in its carrying case
    • Rinse thoroughly after use, especially after use in salt water
    • This computer is rechargeable. Do not leave it unattended while charging.