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We care about your safety - and ours.

We have taken a number of steps to protect our customers, students, staff and our families, and we appreciate your patience when you visit us. Here's a brief summary of what to expect on your next course or pool booking. 

This has been updated to align with Step 1 Requirements (Feb 8/21)

UPDATE: As we have been operating our pool in line with Step 1 Requirements since they were announced, the measures below are still in effect as of the April 7 updates returning to Step 1.


We're so stoked - POOL IS OPEN! With some caveats!


Here's what IS allowed under the current guidelines:

-One-on-one Instruction for all in-pool and classroom sessions (Pool and Class, Refreshers, Discover Scuba/Snorkel, Private Skill Development sessions, etc.)

-One-on-Household instruction for all of the above

-Splashes or private bookings - within the same household only (including, diving, freediving, etc.)


These sessions need to all be booked in advanced by calling us at 403-243-4616. You will still need to complete the COVID declaration.

Private pool bookings available too!

Need some pool time with your family or cohort? You can book our pool! You'll have the run of the pool and change rooms, without having to share. 

Courses and Private Pool Bookings are OPEN!

Sleepy pool has had its coffee and is ready to go!

As always, this is a constantly evolving set of guidelines, and we'll keep you posted as we go! We are in contact with our AHS Inspector for our pool to make sure we are doing this right, both for the safety of our divers, and the safety of our teams.

Please call us for your booking at 403-243-4616.

Classes will be one-on-one only

Our Pool and Class weekend sessions, Discover Scuba Diving, Refresher/ReActivate, and Discover Snorkelling sessions are one-on-one only, or one-on-household.

When you come in for classroom sessions, you will be in our large classroom, and have the entire classroom to yourself.

Group classes will no longer be held during the restrictions in place. In line with the current AHS Limitations, our pool can accommodate a maximum of two instructors with one student each, or one instructor and one household.

Increased Cleaning and Disinfecting

We already clean and disinfect a LOT (we put regulators in our mouths after all). Classes are spaced to allow for time to disinfect the pool deck, bathrooms, and all gear between classes. After you disinfect and rinse your gear, don't be offended if we come in behind you and do it again. 

Aside from the usual cleaning supplies, we use Diversey Oxivir® Tb for disinfecting surfaces and gear, you can view the SDS here. We have spray bottles available around the pool deck, classroom and showroom, you are most welcome to use this on your gear as much as you'd like.

No Overlapping Courses

When taking a course with us, your course will be the only one running in the pool or classroom. We will not overlap Refreshers with Discover Scuba Diving or Pool and Class Sessions. 

If you book a Splash or private pool time, rest assured that the session will be private, and you will have the pool and change rooms to yourself.

Time is allowed for between bookings for our staff to come in and thoroughly disinfect the pool deck and all gear before your session.

Additional Administrative Checks

Prior to the start of your class, you will be asked a few pre-check questions by our team to confirm that you are healthy and able to participate in your class, including filling out a COVID-19 Declaration. 

Please answer all questions honestly! 

We want all our students and staff to be safe, and we need your help to do it!

Mask up!

Our Team will be wearing masks or face shields when teaching. We ask you to do the same, as we are quite fond of our team. When you are in our store, common areas (such as hallways) or change rooms, masks are required.

When on the pool deck, your instructor will provide guidance on when to have your mask on, or when to have your scuba mask and regulator in.

Honest, Open, and Transparent

"We're following guidelines" is not good enough for us. We want you to feel - and be - safe when diving with us. Whether that's embarking on your training as a diver, refreshing your skills, or booking our pool for a private event such as a kid's birthday party - your safety is key. That's why we're open and transparent about the measures we're taking. If there's anything you think we can do better, we would love to hear from you. Just send us a note via our Contact Form

As always, things change during this interesting time, and we will always adjust our policies to remain in line with current health recommendations.